Farmhouse Photo Collage

Old Farmhouse Photo CollageA composite collage of many detail images of a single subject. In this case the Hawkin’s Farmhouse at the entrance to Toledo Botanical Gardens. The photos were taken on two separate days in the Fall of 2010 using various camera settings.

The Farmhouse Collage is available in 3 different options; poster, large canvas and triple canvas.

Depending on size Poster start at $9.65 and up. There are three paper choices and framing available.

Depending on size and stretcher depth Canvas start at $78.00

Detailed description. Multiple images of a farmhouse, probably built about 1900, but now in the middle of an urban area. Some of the images were taken with an “incorrect” white balance so the sky appears to be a brilliant blue. In the background is a “faded” black and white photo. All of the detail photo were arranged to create a “lopsided” composite of the farmhouse.

Sometimes this style of collage is referred to as “Hockney” after David Hockney. This is not quite accurate in my opinion, as Hockney’s collages tend to be more ordered and grid like. I worked at making this ungridded and more shattered in appearance. Almost like someone was trying to piece together a memory of an old farmhouse.

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  1. I like the colors and the “memory piecing together” look … getting a collage like this right is hard work and it looks great!!! Old farmhouses are really interesting buildings and generally you do not see too many of them in cities any more.

    Tract neighborhoods with 3-5 style of houses next to another tract neighborhood with a different 3-5 style of houses seem to be the trend … I like older neighborhoods that still have character and old houses with stories!

    I can imagine the ppl without a/c sitting on that porch shelling beans on hot summer nights!!!

    • Thank-you!

      That house was moved about quarter of a mile down the street 15 or 20 years ago. The park uses it for offices I think.

  2. Love your Collage! I love a farmhouse with a wrap around porch.

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