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transfer from transparency

I’ve been experimenting with image transfer. There are about a million ways to transfer an image from one medium to another, I’ve been playing with printed inkjet images. I’ve been using scrap wood, but you can use any surface that would accept acrylic paint. If you are willing to use more extreme processes you could probably use any surface that would accept an image.

The idea is to be able to reproduce a printed image on something you can’t normally print on. Yes, I could decoupage the image, but then I couldn’t layer the images or paint a background. Collage tends to have hard edges and rigid images the transfer process softens the image almost like a ghost of an image.

The transfers printed from transparencies seem to work better. The image is almost too perfect, not enough ghosting. On the other hand the transparencies can be cleaned and reused and placement is more exact.

transfer from paper with gel medium

transfer from paper with acrylic medium

The transfers printed from paper aren’t working very well, the image doesn’t seem to be transferring properly. I can’t get the paper up without completely removing the image. I think my printer is too good and the ink is too dry when the paper comes out.  I think once the ink drys it pretty much adhered the to paper permanently.

The image is closer to what I was going for, the background material is highly visible and the image is faint and ethereal.

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