Science Fiction and Fantasy Have Had a Rough Year

The Event, was horrible, can’t believe it lasted as long it did. I couldn’t even get through a single episode of Alcatraz or The River.

Eureka is winding down, I’m afraid I haven’t been keeping up with lately. It was always on at an inconvenient time for me for some reason. I liked Eureka, but I never loved it.

Terra Nova, went no where! (Little jokes there, if you don’t speak Spanish, nova translate to it doesn’t go.) To my surprise this disappointed me. I was expecting a colonists terrorized by dinosaurs show, like Jurassic Park meets Lost. It was however, a compelling piece of speculative fiction with good characters, genuine human conflict and a intricate plot. It was just getting really interesting, and canceled! I was disappointed but not surprised.

Sanctuary, also went out of production. This I gather was a decision made by the production company. I don’t know why. I wondered why they went through the trouble resetting the plot and reinventing the sets if the production wasn’t going continue. Maybe there will a be a few movies later. I don’t know it doesn’t feel finished. Ryan Robbins, Henry the werewolf tech guy, has landed over at Falling Skies.

Speaking of Falling Skies, there is one bright spot in the Science Fiction landscape. I hope there will be a season three. I hope the writers resist the urge to go too over the top with the alien creatures. Three species is enough. Enough! There don’t need to be any creepy crawlies either, it is not a zombie show. Just keep running them through the grist mill. Remember where it started, underdogs on the run from a relentless adversary, staying just enough ahead to keep us guessing. That is my two cents anyway.

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