Highlander 2: The Renegade Version

Yeah… I really did have to… like an impossible car wreck, you just have to try and figure out how that could have happened and you never can. It’s just a mangled mess and no amount of scrutiny will untangle it.

I believe it is the Director’s Cut… I didn’t hear the dreaded Z word, there were still problems.

It was better than I remember the theatrical release being, although I am not going to seek out a copy of the theatrical version to compare them. Either version once every 20 years is enough. Unless the alternative is watching Titanic.

It should have either been a movie about aliens on flying skateboards trying to kill each other, or a movie about a corporate plot to exploit environmental disaster, not both. It most definitely should never have been a Highlander movie. In-arguably the worst squeal ever made. Absolutely no continuity with the original, in theme or plot. You know what? Let’s leave the sequel thing alone, every time someone mentions it the TARDIS drops Darth Vader out of the space time continuum in the middle of Hogwarts with another Twilight movie, and no one wants that. Do they?

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