Final Classes!

Assuming I pass these last two classes -which I see no reason why I wouldn’t pass them- I will graduate in December. I am still considering whether I want to add a commercial photography or web design certificate, but my main degree will be complete.

It is what comes after graduating that scares me to death.

There are jobs for me out there somewhere; I can do lots of things other people can’t! I know; HTML/CSS, how to properly format images for print and web and how figure out how to use software. That is just from the conversations I’ve had in the last week or two. I can switch between PC and Mac; I’m told this is confusing to many people. I’m very good with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. These are not easy programs to learn. I’m not sure there is any such thing as a master of Photoshop; it can do so many things, but I love to make textures with it. Obviously, I can use WordPress, I can even manipulate the PHP, if required. So there is a job for me, I just have to find it.

Recently, I have remembered I can write! I thought that muse had jumped off the Bridge to Nowhere.

I used to write, a lot. I even got some Honorable Mentions, in a few contests. I have piles of old drafts and ideas. Then for a long time I had no new ideas, and I couldn’t sort out the old ideas. The truth is, I like; the process of creating characters and places, setting up impossible situations and relationships that alter character lives. But, the process of actually translating these to prose bores the frak out of me, and the technical side of writing drives me mad. How is that spelled? What punctuation goes there? The actions that I could map out in my mind so clearly, where often impossible to describe in prose.

I tried to writing non-fiction, but if the technical side of fiction is boring the technical side of non-fiction is an inane pit of unholy nothingness. None of the fun, all of the tedium, not for me. The more I tried to force myself to get it written, the more frustrated I got. I think this is when my muse left in disgust.

In the last few months I’ve some new ideas for new characters in new settings, though most of them lack a solid plot. After my Highlander marathon, I had a really cool idea for a new character in a new series, but for multiple reasons I put it on the back burner.


I pulled out an old set of characters and started tinkering with their lives again. I’m working on an outline for series of scripted adventures. I want to either make graphic series or an animated series; possibly both in the form of an interactive graphic novel.

But of course, I have to work on my homework first. Really, by my age you think that rule should be unnecessary, but apparently not.

The final two classes are Technical Communication and Ecology. The communication class will be quite useful in the working world. The ecology class is a bit hard for me to follow, I think I would probably like it more as a lecture class, online format doesn’t offer much for the auditory/tactile learner. It is OK, I will get through it, I have been relying on my many hours of watching Nova and Nature to help me understand the material. For my book report -that sounds so 4th grade to me- I’m reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. This may be the scariest book I’ve ever read, substitute Hydraulic Fracturing and Genetically Modified for DDT; and we have all the same problems. Awesome, humanity kills itself with its own cleverness, too bad we can’t be clever enough to become wise.

So anyway, I graduate in December, hopefully the world won’t end, right after. And there will be a really cool job for me. And everyone lives happily ever after… OK that would be kind of dull, but if I had a good job I could by myself something interesting to do.

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