Done! Done & Done (Well Sort Of….)

Joanne Rawson
Cum Laude

School of Arts and Sciences
Associate of Applied Science
Commercial Art Technology

Finally! It took a little-tiny-bit longer that I thought it would, and it was an immense amount of work. If I had known how much work it would be to complete, I would never have believed I could do it. Don’t misunderstand, my classes were fun, fascinating and I enjoyed them, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t hard work.

After I submitted my graduation petition, I decided that some extra web-design classes would be beneficial, so I have couple of extra classes to take. So not quite finished.

For additional fun and excitement -not to mention some extra cash- I decided to  get a seasonal job at department store. So I have been work extra hours this holiday, it was much more fun than I anticipated.  That is why it has taken me nearly three weeks to post this.

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