Artist Statement

My graphic design reflects an organic flow of information. I prefer natural colors and textures, that give a tranquil feel to my projects. I am often inspired by nature, the swirl of water and the twisting of tree limbs. I also find a lot of inspiration in prehistoric art for its raw power and the dedication to making ordinary objects beautiful. There was no reason to decorate pottery or cooking pots, but it was done. Among modern movements I find I’m drawn to the Art Nouveau with its clean lines, subtle abstractions and repeating organic patterns. To help highlight my strengths as an artist I’d like to share three pieces of my work.

Melodic Expressions Poster

First, in my poster for the annual Melodic Expressions concert series at Owens Community College, I choose a neutral textured background, with bold red text and an elegant wave to the keyboard and title letters. The wave gives the feel of music floating through the air. The textured musical score and red accented keyboard allow the casual viewer to know without reading that the subject of the poster is musical, without overwhelming the text or clubbing the viewer over the head with the message. The bold red text pops out with a fun and informal manner that draws the viewer in.

Death by Chocolate PosterFor my my next piece I want to share with you is an another poster. I keep a notebook of ideas, sketches, short thoughts and scribbles. Somewhere in there I had written “living on chocolate and coffee” so when asked to find an original photograph to re-create in a vector program I bought some chocolate and started snapping pictures. For the second half of the assignment to create an event poster, I drew on the old fashioned nature of the coffee cup and imagined an old fashioned “who done it” mystery dinner. The green of the cup against dark background draws the eye to the cup, and the wavy lines of steam subtly pull your eye up to the title “Death by Chocolate.” For the title I choose a very clean straight font reminiscent of Art Deco and Hollywood glamor of a 1930’s black and white film.

Imagination- To a mind that is till the whole universe surrenders.For my last piece, my “Imagination” poster I was given only the word “imagination” and asked to express asked to express this in a two dimensional composition. I began by jotting down every thought that I associated with imagination, and picking out a few words to focus on. I then went through old magazines to find images that I felt inspired or entranced by. The first result was a traditional collage. I chose to expand on the project and create a digital collage and later to add the typographic elements. The surreal elements play against each other, they do not belong together yet they all fit a dream like landscape. I keep this image near my work area to remind me that with “Imagination” anything is possible.

My goal when designing is to enhance and emphasize the information presented; to help the viewer make sense of unfamiliar information. I feel the best way to accomplish this is to maintain a clear hierarchy. My artistic style is whimsical and fun, and I strive to emphasize the information my client is trying to communicate to their audience; to accomplish this I keep the target audience firmly in mind.

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