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Melodic Expressions Poster

melodic expressions

Assignment: Create an Event Poster

Melodic Expressions concert series at Owens Community College, I choose a neutral textured background, with bold red text and an elegant wave to the keyboard and title letters. The wave gives the feel of music floating through the air. The textured musical score and red accented keyboard allow the casual viewer to know without reading that the subject of the poster is musical, without overwhelming the text or clubbing the viewer over the head with the message. The bold red text pops out with a fun and informal manner that draws the viewer in.

Programs used Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

Death by Chocolate Poster

Death by Chocolate Poster

Class Assignment, Part 1: Vectorize a photograph, with only the Pen Tool in Illustrator, no auto trace allowed!

In my notebook of random ideas and thoughts I had a note about “living on coffee and chocolate” it seemed appropriate for my life at the time.

Class Assignment, Part 2: Create an event poster using the vectorized photograph from Part 1.

I drew on the old fashioned nature of the coffee cup and imagined an old fashioned “who done it” mystery dinner. I wanted it to be very Agatha Christie or Nick and Nora.

The green of the cup against dark background draws the eye to the cup, and the wavy lines of steam subtly pulls your eye up to the title “Death by Chocolate.” For the title I choose a very clean straight font reminiscent of Art Deco and Hollywood glamour of a 1930’s black and white film.

Selected for inclusion in the 7th Annual Student Art Show at Owens Community College.

Alexandre’s Near East Cafe Menu

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This is a small sample menu, designed for a small to medium sized casual sit-down restaurant, with a very specific menu and esthetic. The purpose of the design is to help the target audience –in this case, restaurant patrons– find the information they want.

The menu is in the style of an old travel journal, but not so reminiscent that the hungry patrons can’t figure out where to find what they want from appetizers to desserts. The typeface (fonts) compliment the style, giving the impression of handwriting, but still very readable.

A distinctive red ribbon draws attention to the house specials page, and a little typography trick on the entrée names draws the eye to them. The image of the Greek column on the right subtly emphasizes the content of the page by forming a frame for the most important information on the menu.

The most noticeable design element on any page is the section title, because this is the first thing the target audience wants to know. At noon they want to find the lunch items at dinner they want to find the dinners and house specials.

The second and third pieces of information are the subtitles and item names. This is by design to help guide the target audience in finding and selecting what they want from the menu.